13 Benefits of using a treadmill in 2021

Regular exercise is key to a healthy body and mind. Experts tell us that 30 minutes of exercise at least 3 times a week ensure a remarkable improvement in the quality of life and overall fitness of our bodies.

Cardiovascular exercises, like swimming, cycling, running etc are proven to be more advantageous than other forms of exercises. Owing to advances in technology, we don’t always have to get out of the comfort of our homes to get our regular dose of exercise, there are many exercise equipment now available that can help us achieve our fitness goals while staying indoors.

Treadmills are one of the most popular and increasingly used indoor exercise equipment that are kept in homes and gyms. So, if you’re in need of some convincing to get you started on using that treadmill covered with dust in the corner of your house, to invest in a new treadmill, or hitting the gym down the block, look no further. Here are some great benefits for you from regularly using a treadmill.

 Losing those extra pounds: The abundantly renowned benefit of a treadmill is none other than weight loss. A regular workout routine on the treadmill can help you achieve your weight goals very effectively. The key to this is consistency.

High intensity interval running on the treadmill burns calories and gets rid of that extra blubber you have been wanting to melt away. For example; 30 minutes on a treadmill at the speed of 6 mph can help burn away approximately 400 calories.

The multiple settings in a treadmill can be your personal trainer and help give you a plan to suit your weight loss journey.

Muscle build up: Working out on a treadmill is a great way to increase your muscle mass. Regular intense workout stimulates the muscle fibers to hypertrophy and replicate causing an increase in the mass and strength of your muscles. So, if you’re looking to build up muscle mass and get that lean body toned up, treadmill is a sure way to help you achieve that. Add that to regular sit ups and dumb bells exercises to enhance your shape.

Boosting cardiovascular health: With increase in refined oily food and processed carbohydrates in our diets, it is imperative we be cautious about loading our bodies with unhealthy fats that lead to different cardiovascular issues compromising our health.

Giving some time from our day to jogging on a treadmill will help boost cardiac activity, flow of blood and help convert bad cholesterol into good cholesterol. This helps us reduce the chances of morbidity from cardiac and vascular diseases.

Improve bone density: Another one of the amazing benefits to doing cardio on a treadmill is the buildup of bone density. Muscles under stress from the activity help release a hormone that in turn increases bone density, adding to the strength of bones and preventing diseases like osteoporosis that causes bones to lose their density and become fragile.

Helps combat Diabetes: Did you know that exercise can help control diabetes? How amazing is that? It is proven by research that Type 2 Diabetics who use treadmills and inculcate exercise into their routines manage to reduce their blood sugar levels and regulate glucose better than those who don’t exercise.

Jog the stress away: Everyone deserves a little me-time, when they get to escape their busy routine and stresses and enjoy the time on their own. People who are in a habit to exercise all claim that working out helps them relax their mind and divert their attention away from all their daily life stresses, making them able to reboot themselves and be more productive and active in their work.

Reduced impact: One of the most specific and important benefit of a treadmill is the fact that treadmills keep us safe from common running/jogging accidents on roads and pavements. Roads and jogging tracts can be rocky and irregular increasing our risk of injury, whereas jogging on a treadmill gives us a very safe and streamline environment, helping us avoid factors that can otherwise put undue stress on our bodies.

Get your dose of serotonin: Felling low? Grab your running shoes, and hit the treadmill. Research has shown that regular exercise helps release hormones like serotonin and endorphins in our minds, the chemicals that lift up our mood and makes us feel happy and good about ourselves. Jogging on a treadmill can thus help you improve or even get rid of depression or low mood.

Medical testing: The vast spectrum of treadmill uses accommodates its use by medical professionals for sensitive testing for cardiac and vascular diseases. Treadmills are used to carry out tests like; Exercise Tolerance Test, Echo stress test and Nuclear stress test, which determine cardiac strength in states on stress. These help doctors diagnose diseases like heart attacks and their types.

Joint flexibility and strength: Running on a treadmill helps put your knee, ankle, shoulder and elbow joint into action. This not only improves the strength of the joints but also increase their laxity making them more flexible and resistant to strain. Increased joint flexibility keeps you mobile longer and reduces your risk of developing degenerative joint diseases like arthritis etc.

Train yourself to win: Treadmills are key contributor in the fitness plan of an athlete. Olympic and running sports require excessive training and good speed from the sportsman, treadmills help them achieve their optimal strengths and train them enough so they can excel in their sport.

Personalize your workout: Most treadmills come with multiple modes and options to guide you to a plan that can fit your own personal style or preference. You can adjust your speed, increase or decrease your incline to help you lose extra calories in less time. They also have sensors to detect your heart beat and can also give you an approximate amount of the calories you burnt during your exercise. All this helps you form your own specific exercise routine to guide you towards your goal.

Convenience and privacy: One of the greatest advantage of treadmills is that if you avoid social interactions or people on looking when you are sweating your way to goal weight, then this equipment comes to your rescue giving you the chance to keep up your fitness in the comfort and privacy of your home. Instead of stepping out of your house after an already busy day, you can conveniently jog in your living room on your treadmill.

We’re sure all these benefits are amazing enough to motivate you to hop onto a treadmill and make yourself fit and active.


How much time should I spend on the treadmill daily?

The time you spend on the treadmill is entirely up to your requirements and goals that you want to achieve. A good starting time would be 20 minutes a day which you can increase according to your easy and preference.

Can a treadmill help me lose belly fat?

Jogging or running on a treadmill is a great way to burn your stubborn body fats. Having a proper and healthy diet along with a calorie deficit achieved by running on the treadmill can make you lose your belly fat.

What is the best workout plan on a treadmill?

Including treadmill in your workout plan can help you lose those extra calories. High intensity interval training and cardio are the best ways to lose fat and tone up your body, helping you achieve your fitness goals.